How to spend 7 days in Kilifi and watamu.


August 2018

Planning a vacation can be fun but at times, it is borderline maddening. Picture this, you have perfectly aligned all the forces together, a couple of friends, enough money, leave days, hotel bookings and all that’s left to do is, getting to the vacation spot.


Travel is a mental investment.

A week to the trip,  is almost always the exact moment everything comes crushing down. In my case;

  • One by one my friends cancelled the trip, except Mike.
  • I didn’t get my new passport back on time so my visa appointment was affected.
  • My travel buddy  had work issues come up so we kept postponing the trip.DSC05749


I had one of the worst days, trying to sort out my visa and I had reached a low point. I knew that it was time to cancel the trip after my friend called me later that day to pospone it further.

That same evening I went to bed and cried my eyes out, but by 22:00, I was online frantically searching for cheap flights to Malindi.IMG_7655I spent a full hour on the phone, negotiating  (more like begging) with the receptionist of Distant relatives Kilifi, for accomodation in a dorm room for the following night, incase someone didn’t show up.  (They were fully booked) At 23:00, I threw caution to the wind and booked my one way Jambojet flight to Malindi KES4500 ($45) (discounted price).IMG_6813



At 7:00am, backpack in one hand and sheer willpower in the other, I snuck out of the house and got into an Uber chapchap to JKIA. A short flight afterwards, I was at Malindi Airport.DSC05521My friend came to meet me and escorted me to the main road. I hailed down a matatu to kilifi town. The ride took about an hour KES 150 ($1.50). A short bodaboda ride KES100 ($1) brought me to distant relatives.


Distant relatives Ecolodge and Backpackers Kilifi.

The thing is I was completely alone, surrounded by very beautiful people, Dawa cocktails and nature of course. The grand plan was to use this extended alone time to write about my most recent travels.


Ha! I spent that afternoon shopping for groceries at the nearby tuskys supermarket, and by evening time I’d convinced three very tall and handsome lads to walk me to the creek.


Snorkelling trip
Great conversations, laughs, chocolate chip cookies and many more reasons why you should always get on a boat with fellow travelers.


Need I say more?


At 5:30 am, Micheal was at the gate of distant relatives! We spent the morning exploring the creek and the hostel. In the afternoon we got into a matatu and were on our merry way to the next destination.


Whats so cool about Distant Relatives?

Their dorm beds are large and really comfortable, click here for more information on prices.

You can use the kitchen at whatever time to cook your own meals.

Pizza night on Friday, live music band and wild dancing.

It is an ecolodge so that’s a big win for the environment
Pitch your own tent on the grounds for a small fee or services
Swimming pool, because, why not?
Open air deck had me snoozing for hours.
Sunset volley ball while sipping on dawa cocktails
Kilifi creek is a stone throw away, night time skinny dipping isn’t frowned upon.
Everyone feels right at home!



Merry Crab cove Resort

We wanted to save money and still get that luxury feel of a vacation.

It’s located close to Watamu (Masangoni, Uyombo) , a matatu and a boda boda ride from kilifi will only set you back KES 200 ($2). It can also be reached via boat from Watamu. Click here for more information.


We paid KES2700 ($27) each per night, which is abit on the upper side for a hostel, but wait until you see the facilities for yourself!DSC05496DSC05436DSC05441DSC05451

Private beach

DSC05835They are a vegeterian establishment but seafood is also on the menu. I highly recommend the large grilled fish and parmesan potato wedges.IMG_7077Sunday

Woke up to watch the sunrise then we walked to a nearby village.DSC05416DSC05499We met a man with a boat and for KES 3000 ($30), he took us on a day excursion to mida creek, and the extensive sandbank bordering The Arabuko Sokoke forest. Marine park fee costs KES150  ($1.50) per person.DSC05577DSC05610

Mida creek is a popular tourist destination


Hemingways Watamu


A little bit of luxury is also good for the soul especially when you’ve worked so hard all year. This hotel offers peace, relaxation and much more. Click Hemingways Watamu for more information about their prices.LRG_DSC05991During low season the prices are very agreeable. Bonfire Adventures also offers wonderful trips to Watamu at discounted rates, so you don’t have to break your bank.LRG_DSC06053This hotel’s view is magnificent, it boasts exquisite services and the glamorous decor will make you feel right at home!LRG_DSC05996LRG_DSC05994LRG_DSC05997LRG_DSC05977Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try any of the activities they had to offer including watching the Humpback whale migration, but I will surely go back for that one day!LRG_DSC05930



By 8.00pm we were on a night bus back to Nairobi.

So there you have it guys! Kilifi and Watamu offers holiday destinations for everyone, be it budget or luxury travelers. Additional information about budget travel to Wasini island and Diani can be read here Tembea Kenya, discover Peace.

Have a wonderful week!