I went to Ubud, this is what happened.



There I was, standing at the edge of what seemed to be the scariest swing of all time. Funny thing is, it was completely voluntary, paid a pretty penny just to take part in what seemed like a fun thing to do.

Little did I know, it was all a facade. The screams that were heard immediately afterwards were not of pure joy, rather of adrenaline mixed with fear and momentary regret, picture bunjee jumping, but worse. The guys above took immesurable pleasure in pushing me off into the valley more times than i’d have preffered


 I must admit it was alot of fun, but I only swung 5 times out of 15 because, by the fourth swing, I was sure either my wig, or my shoes would fly off into the coconut trees over  yonder. You should have heard me wail.

Welcome to The FLYING FOX,  I dare you.

This was a much cheaper alternative to the insta-famous Bali swing

 I chose the Super Extreme Swing against my better judgement, but look at that gorgeous view!  That’s what IDR200,000 gets you at Alas Harum Agro Tourism. Click here for more information.

glass floor


Arum Agro Tourism offered us a free tour of the Luwak coffee making process. It’s a lengthy one thus, the end result is astonishing. The coffee is quite strong, rich and flavourful, and tastes so much better than normal coffee. A cup of luwak coffee goes for IDR50,000.


Tea tasting, my favourites were lemongrass and rosella.


Located along Jalan Ubud Raya road… you can’t miss it. If you’re looking for a nature-filled, adventurous afternoon, this is the place to be. The cheeky monkeys are there for your amusement.

From opening bags to climbing onto tourists as a distraction for the rest of the gang to move in for the kill, it’s nothing short of entertaining.


Yes, they even open zippers. So tourists are warned not to carry any foodstuff into the forest and also not to make eye contact with the resident monkeys or else things will not end well. Be warned. Entrance fee is IDR30,000 only.

I happened to encounter one that just wouldn’t let up, she tried to get into my bag by any means necessary.



This place was by far the most exhilirating view I got while doing the day tour. Our cool driver made a detour and took us to where we could take in the entirety of the recently erupted Mt. Batur and the adjacent lake Batur.

Mt. Batur
one giant step for man…
Lake Batur

If you do enjoy hiking, there are trips specifically for trekking Mt. Batur and Mt. Agung. Mt Batur hike may set you back IDR350,000 , it’s a somewhat beginner friendly one, only 4-5hrs.

However, the Mt. Agung trek is for the seasoned hiker, it’s very challenging, but I heard that the sunrise view from the top is sensational.


It’s quite a steep walk down the steps to reach the actual waterfall. It’s a feat for the unfit ones like me, but I did eventually get to the base of the waterfall. Going back up was worse believe it or not.  Entrance fee was IDR30,000

The water at the bottom is really cold, only the brave ones dared to swim or take instaperfect bikini shots.


There are other waterfalls one could also check out that are way less touristy such as Sekumpul and Tukad Cempung waterfalls.


This temple surpassed all the beauty expectations I had. It was built around 960 A.D. The waters of Tirta Empul are the cleanest i’ve ever seen, it’s source being fresh spring water, thus reffered to as Holy spring water. Entrance fee is IDR15,000

The modern villa in the background was constructed in 1954, in honor of President Surkano’s visit.
Holy spring water
Balinese people come here to receive spiritual healing. This ritual is meant for Hindus but foreigners in search of healing do take part in it as well.


Whenever you visit a holy place in any country it’s advisable to dress modestly, carrying a sarong around is very beneficial. If you do not own a sarong, you can borrow one at the entrance to tie around your waist.

Don’t mind me while I……..

GOA GAJAH- Elephant cave

It was built as a special place for meditation during the 11th Century. Gorgeous architechture and rich religious history lies here.


The cave


Most famous one in Ubud thus it’s really touristy, unless you go really early in the morning. The rice terraces are beautiful, but due to overwhelming crowds it’s charm is often ruined. Making a donation of  IDR5000 goes a long way to maintaining this terrace.



I didn’t get to go to see this stunning temple, but my friend Lanzarova did and she had some amazing stories and pictures to share.

Photo by Lanzarova
Photo by Lanzarova


During my first trip in Ubud, we decided to go on a tour aranged by one of the local agencies, it cost us about 300,000rupiah per person for the entire day.

My second trip to Bali I went back to ubud a tad bit wiser, so we hired a driver for the day IDR450,000. It’s a much cheaper option, not to mention flexible. If you’d like to hire him as well feel free to contact me via email.

If you want an even cheaper option, hire a scooter for the day and go wherever you please. It costs about IDR150,000 a day..


This tip shall save your entire vavcation. Alcohol is quite expensive in Bali so ensure you buy a bottle of whichever one you prefer before exiting Ngurah Rai Airport. Each person is allowed to bring in 1ltr of alcohol into the country.


My next posts will take you to the other side of Bali island and beyond, to deep blue waters beyond coral sands, breathtaking cliff views and glorious sunsets setting over Mt. Agung.

For a sneak peak on how to spend a day in Bali, click here . This vlog was filmed and edited by this super talented and fellow nomad, roads less travelled  

Have a lovely week!