MarieMagesha unveiled.

Wanderlust and discover yourself

Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that I would get to go backpacking across the most beautiful countries in Asia, but here I am..

So here’s the thing..I am a Kenyan currently residing in Beijing, studying Pharmaceutical Engineering..(big fancy word, I know), don’t let that scare you away, I study it in Mandarin, (now that’s tough), but we’re not here to talk about my current education status. You are here to read about the why, the when and the how…

How does she do all this travelling on a student’s budget? When does she get the time? Why does she do this?

How about you and I go on a journey, where you get to watch, hear and read all about my crazy experiences and captured moments, and in turn I will provide a little bit of insight and much needed information about budget travel.

Random facts, I am a whiz in the lab, and in the kitchen (recommended by 6 out of 5 people), I adore cats but they have a tendency to scratch me when I get near them, I am a hopeless romantic and my favourite author is John Green. I live by this quote, “Life is an adventure, dare it.” _Mother Theresa.